Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Japanese edition of MVFHR's Gallery of Victims' Stories

The Japanese Religious Network Against the Death Penalty has published a Japanese version of MVFHR's Gallery of Victims' Stories. They have translated the text of several MVFHR members' stories into Japanese, have added the story of Masaharu Harada, who is the founder of MVFHR's Japanese affiliate, and have included an introduction as well.

We are excited to know that the voices of these U.S. victims' family members and families of the executed will be heard in Japan and can be used to help strengthen victim opposition to the death penalty there. Of the 1,000 booklets printed, 350 will be distributed to members of the Religious Network Against the Death Penalty and the rest will be sold for a small fee; proceeds will benefit MVFHR and our Japanese affiliate, Ocean. We extend our gratitude to all those who helped to make this booklet available.

日本の、「死刑を止めよう」宗教者ネットワークは、MVFHRの「Gallery of Victims' Stories」 (被害者のストリー集)の日本語訳版のブックレットを発行しました。本はMVFHRの会員らの話とMVFHRによる前書きが翻訳され、Ocean(MVFHRのアフィリエート団体)の原田代表の話も含まれています。


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