Thursday, July 7, 2011

After the Execution

Randy Gardner, brother of Ronnie Lee Gardner, who was executed in Utah last June, sent us a link to a television news story in which he talks about how the execution has affected Gardner's surviving family members:

Randy Gardner was never one to rally openly for any cause, but after his brother, Ronnie Lee Gardner was executed by firing squad last year, that changed.

"I just got on the internet to see if there were other people in the same situation I was in," said Gardner. He found there were many other Americans who mourned the loss of their loved ones who also died after being executed in other states.

Gardner does not defend the fact that his brother shot and killed two people and seriously injured another, but he has a hard time with the state's execution of his brother. "I feel like they did the same thing that Ronnie did," he said.
On the Fourth of July weekend, Gardner spent time with other activist like him fasting and holding vigils and informing citizens about the Death Penalty and why they believe it should be abolished.

"We're not the ultimate judge in someone's life. Even if someone does kill, it is not our choice to take another life," said Gardner.

View the clip here.

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