Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This Mother's Day: Walk for Peace

This Sunday, MVFHR will be participating in the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute's Mother's Day Walk for Peace.  The Peace Institute was founded in 1994 by Tina Chery after her 15-year-old son, Louis, was murdered in Dorchester, Massachusetts.  The Peace Institute does vitally important work in reaching out to family members and helping them to rebuild their lives after a homicide. They have created a special curriculum for young children who have had a sibling or parent or caretaker murdered, and they work within the community to prevent violence and promote peace. Without the Peace Institute, so many Boston-area families would be left to cope alone after murder, at a time when a lack of help and support only compounds the grief, pain, and isolation that comes after a family member is killed. 

You can support Team MVFHR as we walk with hundreds of other murder victims' family members, demonstrating our solidarity with other victims and offering our support to  those who do so much to provide help after homicide and work to prevent it fron happening to others.  
Go here to donate to our Team.

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