Sunday, April 15, 2012

Thank you from Robert Deans

We are thinking of Marie Deans, who died a year ago today. Marie's son Robert sent this note and asked us to post it here:

It was a year ago today that my mom passed.

Recently my wife and I collected a few things from Mom's house, and we found a box of cards and letters that were sent around the time word got out that Mom was dying, and after she died. Right now there are too many to devote time to a personal reply, particularly considering how late those replies are given that I only just found the notes. So, if you will forgive the global response, I just want to thank everyone who sent a card or letter to my mom or me a year ago. I appreciate the thoughts and well wishes, and I am sure Mom did as well in her last days. And, for the movement itself, keep your aim true, your goals simple, and your course honest.

Robert Deans

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