Tuesday, May 20, 2008

All We Have is Two Dead People

If you didn't catch Reverend Carroll Pickett on NPR's Fresh Air last night, you can listen to the show here. Reverend Pickett served for fifteen years as Texas's death house chaplain, and a documentary has recently been made about him called At the Death House Door. Many abolition groups are taking the opportunity to screen the film publicly, and it will have its television premiere on May 29.

During yesterday's NPR interview, Reverend Pickett told about speaking with the family of the victim after one of the executions he had witnessed: "Afterward, I went over and talked to [the family of the victim], and they said, 'This didn't bring closure; this didn't help us. Our children will never know the loving arms and kisses of a grandmother, and all we have is two dead people. This is just a waste.' They didn't want him executed."

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