Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The same show, 10 years later

The excerpt from Brian MacQuarrie's book The Ride that I posted two days ago told about Bob Curley's appearance on a New England Cable News Show ten years ago. The experience of appearing on the show with Bud Welch, meeting another man whose child had been murdered and who opposed the death penalty, was the catalyst that began Bob's own journey of re-evaluating his previous support for the death penalty.

Yesterday, Bob Curley and Brian MacQuarrie appeared with New England Cable News host Jim Braude and reflected on that 1999 show, on the process of working on the book, on Bob's violence prevention work, and onhis deep feelings for other victims' family members, regardless of their position on the death penalty. It's a short segment, well worth watching.

And here is a good radio interview, on WBUR, with Brian and Bob, which also aired yesterday.

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