Monday, November 16, 2009

Elusive and Deeply Personal

Thanks to Michael Landauer of the Texas Death Penalty blog for the very nice mention the other day. Michael quotes from several of our recent posts and writes:

A lot has been written this week about the notion of seeking closure in the DC sniper execution. Today's Viewpoints page had an interesting column that tackled the subject. Naseem Rakha wrote: "Of all the arguments in support of capital punishment, perhaps the most emotionally compelling is that it provides "closure" for the loved ones of murder victims."

But real closure is elusive and deeply personal. It's unmeasurable, if it exists. That's true for any kind of grief, I suppose.

I've been very impressed with Susannah Sheffer's blogs on this topic in the past few weeks. She really seems to have a grasp on the current topics dealing with closure over on the Murder Victims' Families for Human Rights blog.

I in turn highly recommend the Dallas Morning News death penalty blog, the description of which reads: This blog is the leading forum for people on all sides of the debate to discuss issues related to the death penalty. It includes news from Dallas Morning News reporters as well as commentary from members of the editorial board, which opposes the death penalty.

To read more from victims' families questioning the idea of closure, see this special issue of MVFHR's newsletter, which focuses on that topic.

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