Monday, January 18, 2010

More press coverage

This article about the NCADP conference from today's Courier-Journal includes mention of victims' families at the conference:

Miriam Kelle, 52, of Beatrice, Neb., and Kurt Mesner, 48, of Central City, Neb., were among those attending the conference's closing ceremony who embraced the theme of compassion. Both of their lives have been greatly affected by violence, and both are members of Nebraskans Against the Death Penalty.

“My brother James Allen Thimm was tortured to death 25 years ago and I'm trying to get the assailant off death row because every life is sacred,” said Kelle.

Mesner said his sister, Janet Mesner, was stabbed to death multiple times about 30 years ago.

“After 21 years my family's efforts were successful in getting the murderer off death row and sentenced to life in prison without parole,” he said.

Also very much worth reading, in press coverage about the conference, is this Associated Press story, "Anti-death penalty movement wooing conservatives."

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