Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New members in Gallery of Victims' Stories

We have been adding pages to our online Gallery of Victims' Stories: long-time activists Ron Carlson, whose sister was murdered in Texas, and Tamara Chikunova, whose son was executed in Uzbekistan, now have pages in the Gallery, and we have also added several members who are participants in our "Prevention, Not Execution" project, which focuses on ending executions of people with mental illness. We've added Charlie Strobel, whose mother was murdered (Charlie represented MVFHR on Tennessee's death penalty study commission); Julie Nelson, whose father was murdered; Joe Bruce, whose wife was murdered by their son; Pat Webdale, whose daughter was murdered; Carla Jacobs, whose mother-in-law was murdered.

We'll be adding more stories to the Gallery over the coming weeks, and will announce them here as they're posted.

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