Friday, May 14, 2010

What was most important

Today the New Hampshire Death Penalty Study Commission is holding another of its hearings; they continue through the fall and Commission members must prepare their final report by December 1st. One of the victim's family members active in organizing testimony before this Commission, and active in working against the death penalty in general, is Arnie Alpert, New Hampshire Coordinator of the American Friends Service Committee. Arnie's grandfather was murdered when Arnie was 11 years old.

We've just added Arnie Alpert to our online Gallery of Victims' Stories. In his Gallery page, Arnie says, "Looking back, I think my family knew what was most important. They devoted their attention to my grandmother, and to each other, not to my grandfather's killer. For me, their love interrupted the cycle of violence instead of perpetuating it, and made it possible for an impressionable child to mature into an adult who has devoted his life to the practical application of nonviolence, including ending the death penalty.”

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