Friday, June 25, 2010

Snapshots from Japan

Here's a photo from the Tokyo press conference (Toshi Kazama, organizer of this MVFHR tour, is speaking):

And here is one of a meeting that was held yesterday, hosted by the United Nations, with the MVFHR delegation and diplomats from several European Union member states and several representatives from Japanese non-governmental organizations:

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Adrianna said...

I was actually really surprised to hear that Japan still had the death penalty since, as you yourself noted, it's a very safe society. Then again, I'm also aware of the importance that they place on honor and the shame that family members often feel when a loved one commits a crime. This makes it hard for loved ones of criminals to speak out or to resist the cultural trends in general of favor of CP in general.

I'm really glad that this has become a worldwide movement. While it's unfortunate that grief is what brings people together a lot of the time, it's important. Feelings are universal and human rights are for everyone. It's a lot harder to brush off concerns about this or that as being cultural fascinations.