Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Among other reasons

We were pleased to see Murder Victims' Families for Human Rights mentioned in The Nation's "Ten Reasons Why The Death Penalty Should Be Abolished," posted yesterday in their monthly "Ten Things" feature.

From the intro: "What can we do to build on the success in Illinois? We can get involved by joining abolitionist groups, signing petitions and contacting our elected officials. But, as Gov. Quinn did, we must also listen to those who have grappled with this system firsthand: former prisoners, death row lawyers, prisoners' family members, activists and victims of violent crime."

And here is reason #9:

Bob Curley, lost son to murder, member of Murder Victims' Families for Human Rights.

When something like this (the murder of a loved one) happens, you feel violated, and your sense of what’s right and what’s wrong gets thrown out the window for a time. It’s not something that you get over, and there’s no closure. I have channeled my anger in a positive way by working to prevent child sexual abuse, and the death penalty convictions of innocent people. Read The Ride: A Shocking Murder and a Bereaved Father’s Journey from Rage to Redemption, by Brian MacQuarrie. Go to Murder Victims' Families for Human Rights for more information.

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