Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Next Generation

This week is Anti-Death Penalty Alternative Spring Break in Austin, Texas. MVFHR has co-sponsored this event for the past three years, and we're happy to be participating again. Renny Cushing will speak as part of panel designed to inform students about victims' experience and victim opposition to the death penalty. In addition to that formal presentation, he'll spend time with the group, join in several of the activities over the next couple of days, and generally help to pass along some wisdom about activism, organizing, and working against the death penalty.

Here's the description put out by Texas Students Against the Death Penalty:

Alternative Spring Breaks are designed to give college and high school students something more meaningful to do during their week off, rather than just spending time at the beach or sitting at home catching up on school work. The specific purpose of this Alternative Spring Break is to bring students to Austin for five days of anti-death penalty activism, education and entertainment. This is the place to be if you want to become a part of the next generation of human rights leaders. Go to the beach to change your state of mind for a week, come here to change the world forever.

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