Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Speaking Out in Nebraska

Though it's disappointing that the Nebraska repeal effort has not yet been successful, it's good to see two victims' family members quoted as opposing the death penalty in this news story, "State Lawmakers Reject Attempt to Overturn Death Penalty":

Kurt Mesner and Miriam Thimm Kelle, family members of murder victims, spoke at the rally in support of repealing the death penalty.

"Murder victims families want justice, not revenge," Mesner said.

Mesner was 18 in 1980 when Randolph Reeves killed his sister and Victoria Lamm in Lincoln. Kelle's brother, James Thimm, was tortured and killed by cult leader Michael Ryan at a farm near Rulo in 1985.

She listened as senators discussed her brother's death as an example of a case that warrants the death penalty.

"There are people here demanding that the state do what the family of the victim say they do not want to see happen," [Senator Ernie} Chambers said.

The extensive appeals process in a death penalty case puts families on "an emotional roller coaster," Chambers said. "We are using those people."

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Anonymous said...

This blog is doing a very noble thing. And I agree with you completely. Abolish the Death Penalty