Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Photos from "Prevention, Not Execution" launch

And now for some photos from San Antonio! After the press conference, the statements from which you've read in previous posts, we held a remembrance ceremony, in which participants placed roses in a vase in memory of the losses represented at this gathering.

Linda Gregory starts off the ceremony by placing a rose in memory of her husband, Deputy Sheriff Eugene Gregory, who was shot and killed in Florida by a man who had a mental illness. Linda also placed a rose for Alan Singletary, the man who killed her husband and who was then also killed during the police standoff.

Here, Charlie Strobel places a rose in memory of his mother, Mary Catherine Strobel, who was killed in Tennessee. Charlie also placed roses in memory of the 5 other victims killed throughout the Southwest by the same person who suffered from a mental illness.

And here, Julie Nelson, from Massachusetts, places a rose in memory of her father, George Arthur Nelson, who was shot to death in California by a Vetnam veteran who had chronic schizophrenia. Also visible in this photo are, from left to right, Linda Gregory (see above); Joe Bruce, from Maine, whose wife Amy Bruce was killed by their mentally ill son William; Tina Duroy and Nichole Eddings, sister and niece of James Colburn, who was executed in Texas; Kim Crespi (see press statement); Pat Seaborn, whose cousin Ron Spivey was executed in Georgia; BJ Mayberry and Bonnie Skawski, sisters of Robert Coe, who was executed in Tennessee; Lois and Carol Robison (see press statement).

All photos are by Scott Langley. More to come tomorrow!

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