Thursday, October 30, 2008

Worth Noting

Didn't mean to go a full week without posting at all; my only excuse is that I'd been expecting a couple of different reports from members to come in earlier in the week and they've been a bit delayed. Here are a couple of items worth noting in the meantme, however:

A lot of good coverage of victim opposition to the death penalty can be found within these articles about the Montana Journey of Hope speaking tour, which took place earlier this month.

Then, not specifically about victim opposition but most certainly connected to our interest in the worldwide movement to abolish the death penalty, the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty today has a very interesting article, "Activists Oppose the Death Penalty Across Asia." The piece describes the various anti-death penalty activities that took place in Asian countries in connection with World Day Against the Death Penalty this year, including events in 23 different Indian cities. It's both inspiring and illuminating to be reminded that the death penalty abolition movement really is a global one.

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