Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Let's spread the word

Kristin Houle of the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty wrote to tell us that TCADP has distributed copies of MVFHR's new report, Double Tragedies, to mental health advocates, defense attorneys, district attorneys, victims' advocates and family members, a couple of death row family members, and colleague organizations like the Texas Catholic Conference and the Texas ACLU. They also sent copies to 40 state legislators (members of key committees, those who have introduced bills related to mental health and criminal justice, etc.).

We are eager to work with others who want to help get this powerful report into the hands of people who can make good use of it:

• mental health advocates, families, and consumers
• victims’ advocates
• members of law enforcement
• district attorneys, defense attorneys, and others within the legal profession
• members of the religious clergy
• legislative allies

The report is available online, and a PDF or hard copy is available on request. We are ready to work with you to draft an accompanying letter to any of these stakeholders in the discussion of the death penalty and mental illness, or to arrange a targeted meeting or presentation of the report to key individuals or groups.

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