Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Actually, she opposes it

Thanks to Donna Schneweis of the Kansas Coalition Against the Death Penalty for alerting us to this mention of victim opposition to the death penalty in a piece posted in yesterday's Topeka Capital-Journal online:

Death penalty repeal a hard sell
by Tim Carpenter

Topekan Carolyn Zimmerman's father was murdered in 1969.

Lingering anguish of that fateful January day would make her a likely supporter of capital punishment.

It does not.

“The death penalty continues to impact the victims’ families long after a crime has occurred. A capital trial only prolongs a family’s pain and trauma, and rarely brings the closure families long for,” she said.

Kansas adopted the death penalty in 1994. Men have been sentenced to die for their transgressions, but none have been executed. Kansas hasn't carried out a death sentence since 1965.

Zimmerman is supporting House Bill 2323, which would repeal the state's death penalty statute.

Read the rest of the piece.

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