Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Testifying Against Expansion

Several victims' families are testifying in New Hampshire today in opposition to a bill that would expand the state's death penalty. Here is the New Hampshire Coalition's press release:

Family Members of Murder Victims to Testify Against Death Penalty Expansion

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE --- Renny Cushing, whose father, Robert Cushing, Sr., was murdered in his Hampton home in 1988, Margaret Hawthorne, who daughter, Molly Hawthorne-MacDougal, was murdered in her Henniker home in 2010, and Nancy Filiault, whose sister Nancy, nephew Kyle, and niece Rachel were murdered in their Connecticut home in 2000 will be among those who testify Tuesday against legislation that would make such crimes punishable by execution.

The public hearing on House Bill 147, before the House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, will begin at 10 AM in Representatives Hall at the State House.

Also expected to testify is Bob Curley, whose 10-year-old son Jeffrey was murdered by pedophiles in 1997.

“Every murder is a heinous crime to the loved ones of the victim,” said Cushing, a former State Representative and the Executive Director of Murder Victims' Families for Human Rights. “Instead of filling more coffins and leaving more families grieving, we should support the families of murder victims and find ways to reduce violence,” he added.

The New Hampshire Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty said religious leaders and other opponents of the death penalty will also add their voices in opposition to the expansion bill.

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